july 15th show with republic of dreams

republic of dreams, endamori, altar of complaints and nevin. nashville. july 15th, 2012

republic of dreams july 15th, 2012 in nashville.

july 15th, 2012

sean and lars (react with protest) july 15th, 2012

sean and nevin july 15th, 2012

it was a great time.

photos by jenni collins.

thanks to everyone involved, and special thanks to  nevin, lars, jan and sven.



july 15th with republic of dreams

our next show is with lars of react with protest’s new band republic of dreams (DE)

they are from germany/poland and feature members of resurrectionists and louise cyphre.

we are also playing with friends altar of complaints and reproacher from wyoming.

july 15th, 2012